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 * frankhale@gmail.com
 * http://frankhale.org
 * This code is released under the GPL license www.gnu.org
#ifndef _BASEMENU_HH_
#define _BASEMENU_HH_

#include "aewm.hh"

#define DEFAULT_MENUITEM_SELECT_COLOR     "slategrey"
#define DEFAULT_BACKGROUND_COLOR    "#dddddd"
#define DEFAULT_BORDER_COLOR        "black"

// Not all have been implemented yet (for basemenu)
enum {      
//    MAXIMIZE=2,
//    ICONIFY=3,
//    UNICONIFY=4,
//    CLOSE=5, 
//    LOWER=6,
//    SHADE=7

class BaseMenu;

class BaseMenuItem 
      BaseMenuItem() {
            client            = NULL;
            icon        = None;
            name        = "";
            exec        = "";
            function    = 0;
            is_selected = false;
            item_x            = 0;
            item_y            = 0;
            index       = 0;
            sub         = NULL; 
      Client *client; 
      Window icon;   // this menu item may be pointing to an icon for use
                   // in an icon list or something.
      std::string name; // name showing on menu.
      std::string exec; // command to execute when clicked.
      int item_x;
      int item_y;

      int function;
      int index;

      bool is_selected;
      BaseMenu *sub; // submenu this item points to.

class BaseMenu
      list<BaseMenuItem*> mi;
      Display *dpy;
      Window  root;
      Visual  *visual;
      int   depth;
      unsigned int     screen;
      // Menu specific stuff ==========================
      Window item_window;
      int x, y, x_move, y_move;
      unsigned int width,height, total_item_height;
      bool is_visible;
      // ==============================================
      XSetWindowAttributes attrib;
      unsigned long create_mask;    

      XColor xforeground_color, xbackground_color, xborder_color, xmenuselect_color;

      Cursor curs;
      GC gc;
      GC select_gc;
      XFontStruct *font;
      XCharStruct overall;
      int direction;
      int ascent;
      int descent;
      int counter;
      bool bottom_edge;
      bool right_edge;
      unsigned int item_width,item_height;
      unsigned int xres, yres;
      // Used to know which item to paint.
      BaseMenuItem *curr;
      // This is for our synthetic enter event and we only want this to happen once.
      // This is set to true once we detect the mouse has entered the item window.
      bool enterOnce;   

      BaseMenu(Display * dpy);
      virtual ~BaseMenu();

      inline list<BaseMenuItem*> getMenuItemList() const { return mi; }
      inline int getItemCount() const { return mi.size(); }
      inline bool isVisible() const { return is_visible; }
      void setMenuPos(int x, int y);
      void show();
      void show(int x, int y);
      void showSub(BaseMenu *sub, int x, int y);
      void hide(BaseMenu *sub);
      void hideAllVisibleSubmenus();
      void updateMenu();

      virtual void insert(std::string n, BaseMenu *sub);
      virtual void insert(std::string n, std::string exec, int func);
      virtual void insert(std::string n, std::string exec, BaseMenu *sub, int func);
      virtual void insert(BaseMenuItem *item);

      int remove(BaseMenuItem *element);
      void removeAll();

      BaseMenuItem *findMenuItem(int x, int y);

      virtual void handleButtonPressEvent(XButtonEvent *e);
      virtual void handleButtonReleaseEvent(XButtonEvent *e);
      void handleEnterNotify(XCrossingEvent *e);
      void handleLeaveNotify(XCrossingEvent *e);
      void handleExposeEvent(XExposeEvent *e);
      void handleMotionNotifyEvent(XMotionEvent *e);

      // The menu item behavoir is defined with these
      // virtual functions in a derived class.
      virtual void handleButton1Press(BaseMenuItem *curr){} 
      virtual void handleButton2Press(BaseMenuItem *curr){} 
      virtual void handleButton3Press(BaseMenuItem *curr){}
      virtual void handleButton1Release(BaseMenuItem *curr){}
      virtual void handleButton2Release(BaseMenuItem *curr){}
      virtual void handleButton3Release(BaseMenuItem *curr){}

      void execute(std::string s);

      inline Window getMenuWindow()           const { return item_window; }

      virtual void redraw();
      void hide();

      void initializeMenu(Display *display);

      virtual void redraw(BaseMenuItem *m);
      void selectMenuItem(unsigned long col);
      void getMousePosition(int *x, int *y);
      void testMenuEdgeDetect(BaseMenu *sub);         

      // Not meant to be called directly by subclasses! Used internally.
      void hideSubmenus(); 
      void setForeground (unsigned long pixel);
      void draw3DLine(Window win, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2);


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