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 * frankhale@gmail.com
 * http://frankhale.org
 * This code is released under the GPL license www.gnu.org
#ifndef _CLIENT_HH_
#define _CLIENT_HH_

#include "aewm.hh"

class Client
private: /* Member Variables */

      Display     *dpy;
      Window            root;
      XSizeHints  *size;
      Colormap    cmap;
      int         screen;

      // Screen resolution
      int   xres;
      int   yres;

      char  *name;      // Name used to display in titlebar

      Window      window;     // actual client window
      Window  frame;    // parent window which we reparent the client to
      Window  title;    // window which holds title
      Window  trans;    // window id for which this client is transient for

      WindowMenu *window_menu; // menu which lets us change the clients
                         // virtual desktop.

      // The position and dimensions of the client window
      int  x;     
      int  y;
      int  width;
      int  height;

      int border_width;

      // The old position and dimensions of the client, used 
      // in the maximize function.
      int  old_x; 
      int  old_y;
      int  old_width;
      int  old_height;   

      bool has_focus;
      bool has_title;
      bool has_border;

      bool is_being_dragged;
      bool is_being_resized;
      bool do_drawoutline_once; // used for wire move
      bool wire_move; // Do we wanna move clients by wire or opaque?

      bool is_shaded;
      bool is_iconified;
      bool is_maximized;
      bool is_visible;

      #ifdef SHAPE
            bool has_been_shaped;

      int belongs_to_desktop;
      Time last_button1_time;
      int ignore_unmap;
      // For window title placement
      XCharStruct overall;
      int direction;
      int ascent;
      int descent;
      int text_width;
      int text_justify;
      int justify_style;
      // Used in client move
      int pointer_x, pointer_y;
      int old_cx, old_cy;

      bool button_pressed;

private: /* Member Functions */

      void initialize(Display *d);
      void redraw();
      void sweep();
      void drawOutline();
      int  getIncsize(int *, int *, int);
      void initPosition();
      void reparent();
      int  theight();
      void sendConfig();
      void gravitate(int);

      #ifdef SHAPE
            void setShape();

public: /* Member Functions */

      Client(Display *d, Window new_client);
      void getXClientName();
      void makeNewClient(Window);
      void removeClient();
      char* getClientName() const { return name; }
      char* getClientIconName() const { return name; } // for now just return name
      Window getFrameWindow() const { return frame; }
      Window getAppWindow()   const { return window; }
      Window getTitleWindow() const { return title;   }
      Window getTransientWindow() const { return trans; }

      bool isTransient() { if(trans) return true; else return false; }

      bool hasWindowDecorations()   const { return has_title; }
      bool hasFocus()               const { return has_focus; }
      int belongsToWhichDesktop()   const { return belongs_to_desktop;}
      bool isIconified()            const { return is_iconified;  }
      bool isVisible()        const { return is_visible;    }

      void raise();
      void lower();

      void setFocus(bool focus); // (decieving name) Only paints the titlebar in the focus color

      void hide();
      void unhide();
      void iconify();
      void shade();
      void maximize();

      void setDesktop(int desk);

      void handleButtonEvent(XButtonEvent *);
      void handleConfigureRequest(XConfigureRequestEvent *);
      void handleMapRequest(XMapRequestEvent *);
      void handleUnmapEvent(XUnmapEvent *);
      void handleDestroyEvent(XDestroyWindowEvent *);
      void handleClientMessage(XClientMessageEvent *);
      void handlePropertyChange(XPropertyEvent *);
      void handleEnterEvent(XCrossingEvent *);
      void handleColormapChange(XColormapEvent *);
      void handleExposeEvent(XExposeEvent *);
      void handleFocusInEvent(XFocusChangeEvent *);
      void handleMotionNotifyEvent(XMotionEvent *);

      #ifdef SHAPE
            void handleShapeChange(XShapeEvent *);


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