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 * frankhale@gmail.com
 * http://frankhale.org
 * This code is released under the GPL license www.gnu.org

#include "aewm.hh"

class WindowManager
private: /* member variables */

      list<Client*> client_list;
      list<Window> client_window_list;

      WindowMenu *window_menu;
      IconMenu   *icon_menu;
      Client* focused_client;
      XFontStruct *font;
      GC invert_gc, string_gc, border_gc, unfocused_gc, focused_title_gc;
      XColor fg, bg, bd, fc;
      XColor focused_border, unfocused_border;
      Cursor move_curs, arrow_curs;

      Display *dpy;     
      Window      root;   
      Window      _button_proxy_win;  

      int screen; 
      int current_desktop;
      // The screen max resolutions (x,y)
      int xres;   
      int yres;   

      #ifdef SHAPE
            int shape, shape_event;

      string      command_line;
      int   max_desktops;
      int   focus_model;      
      char  *opt_display,     
      int   opt_bw;
      int   opt_text_justify;
      bool  wire_move;  
      bool  rand_window_placement;  
      bool  edge_snap;  

      static KeySym alt_keys[];
public: /* member variables */

      Atom  atom_wm_state;
      Atom  atom_wm_change_state;
      Atom  atom_wm_protos; 
      Atom  atom_wm_delete; 
      Atom  atom_wm_cmapwins;
      Atom  atom_wm_takefocus;

      // Atom for motif hints
      Atom  atom_mwm_hints;

private: /* Member Functions */
      void setupSignalHandlers();
      void setupDisplay();    
      void cleanup();
      void doEventLoop();
      void scanWins();
      void handleKeyPressEvent(XEvent *ev);
      void handleButtonPressEvent(XEvent *ev);
      void handleButtonReleaseEvent(XEvent *ev);
      void handleConfigureRequestEvent(XEvent *ev);
      void handleMotionNotifyEvent(XEvent *ev);
      void handleMapRequestEvent(XEvent *ev);
      void handleUnmapNotifyEvent(XEvent *ev);
      void handleDestroyNotifyEvent(XEvent *ev);
      void handleEnterNotifyEvent(XEvent *ev);
      void handleLeaveNotifyEvent(XEvent *ev);
      void handleFocusInEvent(XEvent *ev);
      void handleFocusOutEvent(XEvent *ev);
      void handleClientMessageEvent(XEvent *ev);
      void handleColormapNotifyEvent(XEvent *ev);
      void handlePropertyNotifyEvent(XEvent *ev);
      void handleExposeEvent(XEvent *ev);
      void handleDefaultEvent(XEvent *ev);

public: /* Member Functions */

      WindowManager(int argc, char** argv);

      void parseCommandLine(int argc, char** argv);
      void quitNicely();
      void restart();

      Client* getFocusedClient() { return focused_client; }

      inline list<Client*> getClientList() const { return client_list; }
      void addClient(Client *c);
      void removeClient(Client* c);
      Client* findClient(Window w);

      void focusPreviousWindowInStackingOrder();
      void unfocusAnyStrayClients();
      void findTransientsToMapOrUnmap(Window win, bool hide); 
      inline WindowMenu* getWindowMenu()  const { return window_menu; }
      inline IconMenu*   getIconMenu()    const { return icon_menu; }
      void updateIconMenu();
      void addClientToIconMenu(Client *c);
      void updateClientNameOnIconMenu(Client *c);
      void removeClientFromIconMenu(Client *c);
      inline XFontStruct* getFont()       const { return font;          }
      inline GC getInvertGC()       const { return invert_gc;     }
      inline GC getStringGC()       const { return string_gc;     }
      inline GC getBorderGC()       const { return border_gc;     }
      inline GC getUnfocusedGC()    const { return unfocused_gc;  }
      inline GC getFocusedTitleGC()       const { return focused_title_gc;}
      inline Cursor getMoveCursor()       const { return move_curs;     }
      inline Cursor getArrowCursor()  const { return arrow_curs;  }
      inline XColor getFGColor()    const { return fg;            }
      inline XColor getFCColor()    const { return fc;            }
      inline XColor getBGColor()    const { return bg;            }
      inline XColor getBDColor()    const { return bd;            }
      inline XColor getFocusedBorderColor() const { return focused_border; }
      inline XColor getUnFocusedBorderColor() const { return unfocused_border; }
      #ifdef SHAPE
            inline int getShape()         const { return shape; }
            inline int getShapeEvent()    const { return shape_event; }

      long getWMState(Window window);
      void setWMState(Window window, int state);
      void sendWMDelete(Window window);
      int sendXMessage(Window w, Atom a, long mask, long x);
      MwmHints* getMWMHints(Window w);

      void getMousePosition(int *x, int *y);
      void goToDesktop(int d);
      inline int getCurrentDesktop() const { return current_desktop; }
      void setCurrentDesktop(int desk);

      // Returns a number corresponding to the current focus model.
      inline int getFocusModel() const { return focus_model; }

      // Accepts a number corresponding to a new focus model.
      inline void setFocusModel(int new_fm)
            switch (new_fm)
                  case FOCUS_FOLLOW:
                  case FOCUS_SLOPPY:
                  case FOCUS_CLICK:
                        focus_model = new_fm;               
            //if (new_fm == FOCUS_FOLLOW || new_fm == FOCUS_SLOPPY || new_fm == FOCUS_CLICK) focus_model = new_fm;

      inline int getTextJustify()   const { return opt_text_justify; }
      inline bool getWireMove()     const { return wire_move; }
      inline bool getEdgeSnap()     const { return edge_snap; }
      inline bool getRandPlacement()      const { return rand_window_placement; }
      inline int getMaxDesktops()   const { return max_desktops; }
      void setMaxDesktops(int max_desks) { max_desktops=max_desks; }

      inline int getOptBW()   const { return opt_bw;        }

      void grabKeys(Window w);
      void ungrabKeys(Window w);
      static void sigHandler(int signal);

extern WindowManager *wm;


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